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  • When should I book my event after I receive a quote?
    Most events book within 3-4 months of their event date. But, larger weddings and corporate events should book 6-9 months or even 1 year in advance.
  • Do I need to know the exact amount of tables and chairs or amount of attendees to place my order?
    No, we will do a general quote based on an estimated amount of attendees. Closer to date adjustments can be made after R.S.V.P's have been turned in and you have a better idea on guest count.
  • Can I change the tent size of my order if my R.S.V.P.'s are not what we expected?
    We will allow a change in tents size to a smaller tent. But, if that tent change is more than one size down, IE. A 40 x100 to a 40 x 40, we still charge you for at least a 40 x 80 size. If only dropping to a 40 x 80 that rate for that tent applies. The reasoning is that we might have had your tent size in your reservation for a very long time and we may have turned potential customers away if we do not have the tent size they need. We do hope while working with us that will not happen, as we try to work closely with you on your estimated attendees.
  • I want my items delivered and set up. Is there a fee for that service?
    Yes, there is a fee for delivery and for set up of tents. Please let our office staff know if you want that service, but keep in mind we do have a minimum rental order amount of $500, before we can add on that service.
  • What is the process for picking up a rental order?
    Several customers save on the delivery and set up fees and pick up their order. We usually have pick ups on Friday mornings, with return on Monday. Some rental items are only rented for 24 hours, so that of course will have a much shorter pick up and return window. That time frame will be decided by Kutcha's before your scheduled event date. We do help load and unload items into your vehicle. If you do decide to pick up, make sure you have a clear vehicle, cleaned of all debris so we can safely load. You will also need to bring ratchet straps or tie downs to secure the load before transporting.
  • Can I put a tent on my concrete driveway or in a parking lot?
    Yes, you can but instead of a pole tent you will need a frame style tent, which is free standing and secured with weights.
  • Should I add sides to my tent order when I reserve it?
    No, you can wait until the week of the event to decide if they are needed. This will give you a chance to check out the current weather report. We have enough sides for all of our tents.
  • What about heaters for cold weather or fans for hot weather? Should I reserve them right away?
    No, just like sides, you can wait until the week of your event or the week before after accessing the weather forecast.
  • Does the delivery of my rental items come the day of the event?
    We start our deliveries as early as the Tuesday before your event. (*Sometimes sooner in the Spring and Fall depending on staffing). This will assure that you get your items in a timely manner and that Kutcha's can get every event delivered by the weekend.
  • What if it rains the day I have reserved a bounce house/inflatable for?
    We do offer a rain check for our inflatables. We are also looking at the weather daily. If it is suspect to be very rainy or a day of high winds, we would talk with you about your options. If the unit is not picked up or delivered, because of a bad weather forecast, we will issue you a rain check which is good until October 31st of the year reserved. It can be used on any inflatable available on the day of your choosing.
  • How much money do I put down to reserve my contract?
    We ask for ½ down or more, if you wish, to hold your contract. The balance is due 2 weeks before pick up or delivery. If anything changes on your order after that date, we will refund any small adjustments or charge you the balance upon delivery or pick up.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We do not offer cancellations of most reservations. As stated above, if we hold something in your name, we may have turned customers away if the items is already reserved for you. We would offer you a rain check for another date. In very limited situations, we have offered a refund.
  • Can I just pay for set up of my tent if I pick it up, so I can save on the delivery cost?
    No, if our crew has to drive to your location to set up a tent we will charge you for delivery, as well. They would still be on our clock and using one of our vehicles to get to your location, so, you need to pay for the delivery service. We can also just deliver and drop the items for you to set up and take down, if you are wanting to save cost. But, the minimum amount has to be met, just like we stated before.
  • Do I have to be there to receive the delivery and set up?
    Yes, we would like someone there if there is set up involved. We do ask for you to mark the yard, just in case you have to run out or can't be there right away. It also does not have to be the person named on the contract. If you have a relative, Mom, Dad, son, daughter, neighbor or friend, they can be there for you. If it's just a drop off on your order, we can do so, without anyone present, just as long as we have specific instructions as to where to put the items when we unload.
  • What if there is an issue with the rental after hours?
    We always ask that you call and leave a message for help. If you do not, we can not give you a refund. Most likely we have call forwarding to an emergency help line and someone can get back to you right away. We can then help or walk you through any situation, especially if it is a food machine or inflatable rental.
  • Who is responsible if the weather ruins my tent?
    If we set up your tent and a storms comes through, loosening the ropes or even breaking a pole, we will return and fix the damage or reset your tent. If it is simply a loose rope, most customers can tighten the ropes on their own with a little guidance from Kutcha's staff. This is helpful if a county wide weather event occurs, as some tents may need removed and replaced do to damage. Rest assured we have insurance that covers any “Act of God” events.
  • Where can I find help with setting up my own tent?
    Upon reserving your tent, we will send you an email with set up instructions. That email also contains a link to our YouTube page that contains a demo video to show you how to set up a canopy. You can view the demo video here. We have a link on our website in addition to verbal instructions from our warehouse crew who will assist with loading your rental items upon pick up.
  • I have never hosted a party before. Can someone help me decide what I need? Especially the size and style of the tent?
    Yes, we haven been in business for more than 30 years. We have serviced thousands of events. With our experience and your vision, we can help you plan the perfect event.
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